AUSDOM M08 Bluetooth Headphones Review

What’s up guys to stay back again with tek everything. Today we’re going to take a look at a nice set of affordable over-ear bluetooth headphones the AUSDOM M08.
ausdom m08
The headphones have a decent build quality with soft-touch leatherette ear-cups and a red accents. Around the side you will see the metal band that connects the two plastic pieces. The plastic around each ear-cup with AUSDOM  logo, power button, plus and minus for volume and tracks. You can select the USB charging cable and mic input. The headband does allow you to extend the headphones so that’s nice and lastly collapse.
ausdom m08
Wearing the headphones is super simple, you just hold the power button until the LED light start to blink, pair it with your phone or device. Whatever you want to do and you’re ready to go. The power button also doubles as a playback, control pause, and play. The volume up and volume down buttons also double as skip and reverse track buttons.
The build quality of them always solid, more solid than you would expect from a budget model. The ear-cups are the cheapest part the back of them, they are pretty flimsy plastic, but it doesn’t feel like it would break or necessarily wear down with time I guess. We’ll see, the buttons are all plastic obviously, but this strip here this band is actual metal so that’s nice. The ear-cups are really soft, they’re comfortable to wear. I was expecting something a little stiffer than that for this price range. They are pretty comfortable and so the headbands you a nice cushion on top of your head since these aren’t the super ultra lightest headphones on the planet. There’s a nice little design element here with the red insert inside the cupcake is a nice little accent color, but the book body-solid, the initial clamping force of these is really strong so give them some time to break in, they will stretch out for sure a little bit and they are very comfortable. i’ve had them on, I test them for three hours straight. Well I was doing editing and just browse on the computer stuff like that. They’re fine, i didn’t have any fatigue or anything like that once you break them in they are solid their cups are comfortable so that’s not something you need to worry about too much.
ausdom m08
Now the most important aspect of any headphone really is the sound quality, and I do not  disappoint here, I was shocked by how good they sound when you have them equalize. Keep this in mind, without an equaliser of any sort, they are a little bass heavy and they do tend to kind of roll the trouble off sacrifice the mids and more bass. Think about the first generation Beats or a headphone like that you’ve heard, they are just a little booming, but with even a simple the simple bass reducer on the iphone, i was able to get these to produce a really nice neutral and even sound. so if you’re using with a computer or a phone /any phone with any kind of equalizer apparate then you should be totally fine. Now also i did notice a difference in sound quality from bluetooth to the 3.5 millimeter standard jack, there was a difference. It did sound much better when plugged in that’s common for most headphones bluetooth codec wow good it’s still not as good as the manual plugin, so that’s just something that you have to deal with.
ausdom m08
Now they are capable of making voice calls that Mic is adequate typical what you would expect on a budget model headphones, it’s not great, you’re certainly not going to be able to game with these, you really need some sort of boom mic or something like that audible but it’s really just passable if you can skype something like that you should be fine. So if you’re looking for an affordable pair of Bluetooth over-ear headphones for travel or just for office use, these are really really good. If you’re a gamer you probably want to look for something a little more expensive that offers a little more depth in terms of the sound of a wider stereo image, i would say but these are really good headphones for casual listening, you know, keeping that work something, like that beer cups are nice and soft a lot higher quality than the price would lead you to believe the build quality is solid. There’s metal here around the frame plastic on the top and a nice soft padding on the headband. So you don’t have to worry about that and the drivers are quality I i was impressed with the clarity of the music. Obviously, it’s not gonna match you know a five-hundred-dollar headphones but it does sound really good, now one thing to keep in mind when you’re shopping for headphones these only have these three buttons here, so everything is controlled with these three guys i wish that AUSDOM would come out with the same headphone just with more controls on the side you skip, pause, playback that kind of thing as opposed to just doubling up on the controls here that was kind of annoying doing long presses for everything. But that’s a minor gripe in terms of usability it’s really not that big of deal.
ausdom m08
So as always I will drop links below, if you want to pick some up for yourself and a link to the written review on the website thanks for watching, please like comment and subscribe if you liked the video. I’m Jay, this is tek everything and i’ll see you next time.
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Ausdom M06 Bluetooth Over-Ear Headphones Review

Welcome back to the Tech Couch. Today we’re going to take a look at AUSDOM M06 wireless headphones which I’ve got right here and we’re going to take a look at all the different features, a quick walk through the setup and a little bit of my review of the quality of these headphones.

AUSDOM M06   Just taking a quick look here, you can see these are pretty high quality in some of the building materials. They look quite sleek and the sound is pretty good overall. and that’s for headphones that i got for $35 Canadian on amazon or at normally they go for 45 when it’s not on sale.


Just a quick overview of the headphones. What we see is that we’ve got of course wireless headphones, they do in fact come with a wire that you can plug into the headphones on one side to make them a wired headphone. And they have controls on the bottom which will take a closer look at in just a few minutes that allow you to both control track that you’re on, pause or play fast forward, as well as the volume and the power of the headphones.

Overall these are quite good build quality $35 to $45 headphones, they feel nice, it feels like premium materials. Of course, these are not really comparable to the three four five hundred dollar headphones you get from Bose, even Beats and certainly the audiophile companies like Sennheiser or audio technica. Overall get a pretty good sound and the mic is surprisingly good.


So let’s take a closer hands-on look at these headphones. The first thing you can see as the AUSDOM engraving, one on each headphone. They feel quite nice, they’ve got swivel on the ear-cups so they swivel 90 degrees in one direction and about 45 degrees in the other direction so you can move these around quite well. On the top of the headphones, there is a very nice soft feeling materials, it’s actually probably the nicest feeling part of the entire headphones. I kinda wish they implemented this material more throughout. The ear-cups they they do feel pretty nice, but it doesn’t compare to that top material. They’d be a whole lot more comfortable if it was the same. so that’s really one place where these headphones kind of fell short for me.

Let’s take a look at the bottom of the headphones where the controls are. And what we see here on the right ear-cup is that there is a pause or play, fast forward and rewind button. so those are used for easily controlling a your music playlist. And on the left-ear cut, we’ve got the power and volume buttons and there is a microphone towards the front side which works pretty well overall. Those are the main controls pretty much the best way to control these headphones on the go with your phone in your pocket. Now on the back of the left headphone, there’s a audio jack which can be used to plug in directly . The headphones come with this wire and i’m going to plug it in to show you. Basically once you plug these guys in,  they don’t even need to have any battery left. They will just work as regular, plug in headphones you can leave this plugged in all the time if you want or you can take it around with you or keep it in your music production kit or whatever.


Since these headphones are wireless, they have an internal battery which gives you about eight hours of playtime and is charged through a micro USB. You just open up that little trapdoor and you plug it in, it takes a couple hours to charge and you’ve got eight hours of playback or call time plus many hours of standby decent worked well overall.

Let’s quickly talk through some of the pros and cons of these headphones. Firstly overall, they’re quite good quality for such a cheap headphone. They look sleek, they feel sleek, they feel nice; The battery lasts quite well; they’ve got quite a lot of volume in fact sometimes too much; The connection is very good and overall probably one of the best features is I found that the mic is very clear, and allows you to both have great calls and control things like Siri.

However these headphones are definitely not perfect. They definitely fell short when it came to noise isolation. So when I was listening to music and wearing the headphones, i could really hear everything going on outside and if the music was loud enough it also bled to the outside world. The other aspect that kind of bothered me was this blue light which doesn’t turn off. Sometimes you just want complete darkness.

The last quality piece i wanted to talk about is the comfort level of the ear-cups,  and these were by no means uncomfortable, they definitely didn’t even bother my ears after wearing them for long periods, which many headphones do. But they certainly weren’t as comfortable as they could be there definitely not as comfortable as premium headphones and this is one place where you could really tell that these are not at the same premium level as some of those other competitors which are much more expensive.

I’m just quickly going to show you how to setup the bluetooth. First you open the bluetooth settings which I did using force touch. You’re going to hold the power button until the blue light comes on, but you’re gonna keep holding it for the first time you pair it until it flashes blue and red. at which point the headphones will show up as a new device and you just tap them to pair. Now impaired the light is blue i can see the the headphones paired and I could see the battery indicator that the headphones are paired and in the Notification Center in the today view I can also see the headphones there with some battery information. Overall i’d recommend these headphones definitely for someone looking to get into the bluetooth headphone game.

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Ausdom AH2S Wireless Headphone Review

ausdom ah2s

We’re going to take a look at the all-new AUSDOM AH2s wireless headphones.Now that being said let’s jump right into and have a closer look. Inside the box you’re going to find a pair of AH2s headphones, one micro USB cable, a 3.5 millimeter audio cable and a user’s manual.

Having a closer look at these headphones will reveal the fact that they’re made out of plastic. Now i’ll talk about that in just a minute. You’ll also notice that these headphones have a very nice modern look, possibly some inspiration from the beats product line but nonetheless very nice and modern. Now the compliment the design, you have this very nice black and red color scheme which really does look fantastic.

ausdom ah2s

On the left Cup, you’ll find the power button volume up and down button which also control the next and previous track functions. You also have an LED indicator light as well as a 3.5 millimeter audio input port. On the right cup you have your charging indicator light in the micro USB charging port. Now this headphones do have extending arms for various head sizes. The head padding insurers are comfortable while wearing and you also have this nice leather padding around the earcups. I was happy to see that these headphones are foldable which makes storing these away in compact spaces that much easier.

ausdom ah2s

The AH2s wireless headphones have a built-in 400 mAh lithium battery and boasts 18 hours of runtime, 2000 + hours of standby time and roughly 2 to 3 hours of charging time. Although these numbers sound good on paper, I have to admit that i have not yet put those numbers to test.

I was a bit surprised to see these headphones come with 50 millimeter drivers. The majority of headphones i only have 40 millimeter drivers, so to see an increase in speaker size should in theory be quite the bigger sound. Right well I’ll answer that in just a minute.

ausdom ah2s

The AUSDOM AH2s can also connect to your phone, tablet or computer via bluetooth or via the included 3.5 millimeter audio cable. In addition to that they have a built-in microphone for those of you who want to use them for listening and talkback functions. Ok,so here is the big question: how do these bad boys sound? Well, remember i told you that this come with 50 millimeter drivers and in theory that should equate to a bigger sound? Well, in this case that has proven to be true. This headphones produce a really good overall sound in every frequency. I think the base frequency stands out a little more so for those of you who are looking for headphones with good bass you may want to have a look at these. If you can get past some of my grapes and this actually brings me to my likes and grapes.

My only gripe about these headphones has to do with the quality of material use, particularly the plastic shell. When I first look at these headphones i was thinking ‘wow’, you know these are really nice bring headphones then I want to pick them up at the plastic and found myself, oh,oh. These are really going to suck. However after putting them on and listen to them for a few seconds, my ears were blown away. I did not expect this it feels cheap on the outside but wow he gets the job done on the inside.

Now in regards to my likes, first and foremost you can’t beat the price. these are currently $39.99 on amazon, in my opinion that’s a good deal. Especially for a good-sounding pair of wireless headphones. Secondly, is the folding capabilities. I have a small collection of headphones and being able to fold them up make storing them so much easier. And the last but surely not least is the sound quality. You won’t find 50 millimeter speaker drivers in very many headphones in this price range. Not only that but these drivers get the job done. very noticeable base, nice smooth mids and highs.

And overall good premium self and honorable mention is the look of these headphones, although they have a cheap low quality feel the look and sound of these headphones exceeds that bar. Now I can sit here and brag about the sound quality of these headphones all day, but the only way you’re going to know for sure is by experiencing it for yourself.

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Shareme Tech Wireless Headsets AUSDOM AH861 Review


AUSDOM AH861 Shareme headphones are a wireless bluetooth audio equipment that allows two people to listen to the same thing wirelessly at the same time.

Best Wireless Headset Under $50

Audio Quality

We played different soundtrack on AUSDOM ShareMe wireless headphones, ranging from Hip-Hop, Trance, Jazz and much more. There was no compromise on bass or treble; even vocals were crystal clear. We moved to another level, and played all the tracks on full volume; trust me, everyone in the office was able to listen to music; it was that loud. This little music masterpiece is going to be my companion all the time.


After testing these headphones against the dozens of others I’ve been sent by other companies, I can’t say they really stand up to the competition. Songs sounded flat, again, compared to similarly priced headphones.


AUSDOM ShareMe wireless headphone uses the best-in-class Bluetooth 4.1 technology, which can easily connect with any of your iPhone. Apart from this, if you are an owner of two AUSDOM ShareMe headphones, you can connect both headphones together and listen simultaneously the same soundtrack from your iPhone. If the primary user receives the call, another user is automatically disconnected. Once the call is disconnected, both users are connected again without any hassle.

Playback Time

When it comes to playback time, the headphone can play for 18 hours straight. If you run out of battery, there’s an auxiliary port by which you can use it as wired headphones. So now, never run out of music even if your headphone battery is completely drained.


The following reviews from Amazon Customer Review:

5.0 out of 5 starsI Use them everyday
on November 20, 2016
Color: Black&Red|Verified Purchase
The headset works well, it does get a little tight after an hour or so of wearing it but I believe that is typical of this style. It is easily detected and paired by USB on the computer, android phone, and USB transmitter I use on a Zen. It works well with phone calls, no one has given negative feedback about not hearing me. And, music sounds good so I am pleased.
on December 12, 2016
Color: White&Blue|Verified Purchase
I tested this side by side with skull candy hesh2 and this was louder and clearer. The base was a bit stronger in skull candy but this was far more comfortable. The top is padded with this headphone and the ear cups are much bigger than skull candy. The cord is your standard cord whereas the skull candy cord is braided (sull candy also comes with a storage bag but this one folds much smaller than SC). The price on this was 1/3 of Skull Candy making this a no brainer in my opinion.
Note: my wife has Bose and they are clearly superior to these in every way….but at their price point are not an appropriate comparison. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed in these. I certainly am pleased and would buy them again in a second.

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