FAQ-Ausdom Brand

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1. Why my mobile phone or computer cannot find the earphone?
Please check that the earphone is in pairing mode. Refer to chapter. Sometimes when the earphone is connected too many Bluetooth devices, it cannot search and pair effectively. Or your mobile phone and computer are already connected to many other devices. Try removing some connections before searching the earphone.
2. How to be sure my earphone can’t fall off when I do exciting?
Please be sure your earphone has been wear tightly, if your earphone has ear hook, please wear over the ear hook. use the suitable ear buds to close to your ears.
3. How to use build-in microphone to answer calls?
When your earphone rings, please kindly press the multi-function button to answer, and aim at the microphone hole.
4. Why my earphone can't pair to Bluetooth speaker?
Bluetooth has two modes:Transmitting and Receiving, Bluetooth speaker belongs to transmitting, so it can't pair to Bluetooth headphone.
5. Why can't hear of phone calls?
It's likely to be broken of microphone. Also maybe the signal is disturbed. Such as: the wall cut off, long distance, etc.