FAQ-Ausdom Brand

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1. The earphone cannot be powered on.
The battery may be flat. Please recharge the battery and try again. Refer to user's manual chapter 5. Charging the Battery.
2. Why doesn’t the earphone pair with the mobile phone?
Please check the followings.
1. Check that the earphone is charged and is in pairing mode.
2. Make sure that the mobile phone's Bluetooth? function is on.
3. Make sure that the two devices are in the effective pairing range. (10 meters)
4. Make sure that there is no obstacle between the earphone and the mobile phone, such as electronic equipment and a wall.
5. Furthermore, you can try restarting the earphone and pairing it with the mobile phone again.
3. There is some noise.
Bluetooth is a radio technology, so it is sensitive to obstacles between the earphone and the pairing device. Please make sure that there is no obstacle between the two devices and is within the range. (10 meters)
4. I can't hear sound.
Please check the followings.
1. Try increase the volume.
2. Make sure that the Bluetooth? function is on and whether the two devices are connecting and in the range. (10 meters)
3. Make sure the earphones are close enough to your device, and there is no obstacle between them.
5. My mobile phone or computer cannot find the earphone.
Please check that the earphone is in pairing mode. Refer to User Manual chapter 5. Pairing with Bluetooth devices. Sometimes when the earphone is connected too many Bluetooth devices, it cannot search and pair effectively. Or your mobile phone and computer are already connected to many other devices. Try removing some connections before searching the earphone.