FAQ-Ausdom Brand

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1. My mobile phone or computer cannot find the earphone.
Please check that the earphone is in pairing mode. Sometimes when the earphone is connected too many Bluetooth devices, it cannot search and pair effectively. Or your mobile phone and computer are already connected to many other devices. Try removing some connections before searching the earphone.
2. How is the bass on these speakers?
Bass is pretty good for small speakers. I use these for a TV, not on a computer, would depend on your sound card. 2 horizontal rubberized velchro like strips on each speaker holds them firmly in place. They are flat to surface but speaker at angle upwards. Nice speakers.
3. I think I can plug USB into charger and the 3.5 into my iPhone, and play music? Is this correct?
Yes! USB is power. 3.5 is audio. Works anywhere it can plug in those.
4. I plugged in the audio jack to my phone and there is no sound?
Please make sure you have plugged the USB power cable and check the volume on the back. Test them with an audio jack you know is working and make sure the little dial on the back of one of the speakers is turned up for volume. Also, make sure the USB port powering the speakers is on.
5. Will it work on a T.V.?
If your TV has audio out or headphones out, you can do it. The signal must be 3.5mm or must be adapted to 3.5mm. The USB power must be provided separately unless your TV has it.