FAQ-Ausdom Brand

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1. Can it be used while it is charging?
No, I am afraid it could not be used while it is charging.
2. Can I use this with computers?
Yes,please follow the instructions below,
1. Use the audio cable provided in the package to connect the transceiver with the receiving device, such as MP3, computer, TV, home stereo, car stereo or other devices.
2. Pair your transceiver with the mobile phone and ipad.
3. After the pairing is successful, you can enjoy music from the MP3,computer,TV,home stereo, car stereo or other devices.
3. Does it plug into an ipod?
Yes, it does. It will plug into an iPod or any other device with a 3.5mm stereo jack.
4. Will I be able to change the song or volume using a wireless headset with this?
The volume you might could raise or lower the volume with head phones if they have a volume control on them.
5. If it can be used to answer calls?
Yes, when you use it, the call is ringing, you can directly answer calls with it.