FAQ-Ausdom Brand

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1. How to be sure my earphone can't fall off when I do exciting?
Please be sure your earphone has been wear tightly, if your earphone has ear hook, please wear over the ear hook. use the suitable ear buds to close to your ears.
2. How to extend my earphone span life?
Store the earphone with power off and in a dry environment.
1. If you don't use the earphone for a long period, charging the battery every 2 months for 1-2 hours.
2. Don't charge the battery beyond the rating.
3. Keep the temperature at 0℃-40℃ during charging.
4. Don't put the earphone on combustible substances (bed and carpet) during charging.
5. Don't disassemble and replace the built-in battery on yourself, this will cause damage the earphone.
6. Use a dry cloth for cleaning if needed.
7. Avoid dropping the earphone from high places or on hard surfaces.
8. Avoid exposing the earphone to extreme temperature. (Recommended Storage temperature is -40℃-70℃.) 9. The earphone is NOT waterproof. Avoid exposing the earphone to rain or getting liquids into any button port or other openings. Please don't twist or bend the earphone. This may cause permanent deformation.
3. How far apart can the speakers be?
Not a lot of distance between the speakers. It's just long enough to put on opposite sides of a 27 inch monitor, but either in front or behind the screen.