FAQ-Ausdom Brand

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1. Why the headphone cannot be powered on?
The battery may be flat. Please recharge the battery and try again. Refer to charging the battery: open the plastic plug of USB connector. Connect the micro USB charging cable to any power source and the USB connector of your Headphone for charging. The headphone LED turns to solid red during charging. It takes about 2 hours for the charge. When the battery is fully charged the Red LED turns off.
2. Why my mobile phone or computer cannot find the headphone?
Please check that the headphone is in pairing mode. Refer to the user manual. Sometimes when the headphone is connected too many Bluetooth devices, it cannot search and pair effectively. Or your mobile phone and computer are already connected to many other devices. Try removing some connections before searching the headphone.
3. Why there is some noise?
Bluetooth is a radio technology, so it is sensitive to obstacles between the headphone and the pairing device. Please make sure that there is no obstacle between the two devices and is within the range. (10 meters) If use ShareMe function, make sure two headphones are within 5 meters.
4. Why my headphone can’t pair to Bluetooth speaker?
Bluetooth has two modes:Transmitting and Receiving, Bluetooth speaker belongs to transmitting, so it can't pair to Bluetooth headphone.
5. Do these headphones work with TV’s for watching movies?
1. If the TV has Bluetooth, the headphones should work well. They connected easily with all other Bluetooth devices.
2. If your TV has Bluetooth, then yes, they will, otherwise they do not connect directly to any device.
6. Why can’t hear of phone calls?
It's likely to be broken of microphone. Also maybe the signal is disturbed. Such as: the wall cut off, long distance, etc.
7. How is this bass on these?
Bass is good, great headphones!
8. How is the headphone powered?
With Micro USB Charger.